Humboldt Creamery

Real Cows. Real People. Real Place.

Humboldt Creamery is a Northern California dairy who has recently made big investments in their company and identity as they attempt to make a more aggressive push into the marketplace. InHouse was contracted to develop a new brand identity and new line of packaging designs. To follow, we helped deploy the new look to consumers including a series of print ads for magazine outlets such as Sunset and Modern Farmer. Our goal was to share the authenticity of their story by introducing consumers to the location, the people, and animals behind the product.


New Barn

The simpler the better.

New Barn set out to deliver a clean, organic almond milk that tasted like homemade and only uses simple, quality ingredients. Their almond milk and almond creme is free from thickeners and other preservatives that you find in almost every other almond based product out there. We continued this pursuit toward purity and developed an identity, packaging, and marketing materials to help bring this product to market.


Becoming Independent

Elevating human abilities.

Becoming Independent is a non-profit organization that helps people with developmental disabilities live meaningful and productive lives. They came to us seeking a new brand identity that could help reinvigorate private and state funding. Our goal was to develop an identity that represents their longstanding legacy of quality services in the community, and ultimately making them appear established and deserving of donations.


Starkey Spring Water

At 11,000 years, this is the oldest thing you would ever want to drink.

Starkey Spring Water comes from a single source, a geothermal spring in the Idaho mountains just outside Council, ID. This water, which contains beneficial minerals and a gentle alkaline pH, rises from 2 miles deep and is funneled straight into the bottle.


Blue Bottle

Get 'em while they’re cold.

What makes an iced coffee New Orleans style? The addition of roasted chicory root. Blue Bottle Coffee teamed up with Clover dairy to a develop a new, ready to drink, fully organic product that contains only four ingredients: coffee, milk, sugar and chicory. We helped create a package that marries the two existing brands, bringing them together in one streamlined style.


Wild California

It's not a chip. It's not a cracker.

Wild California crisps are a unique and healthy snack featuring Sonoma Grape Flour, inspired by the desire to re-use some of the waste of the California wine industry. We were part of the process from very early on, aiding in the development of the product itself, while also creating the brand, packaging and other media associated with the product.


Bonterra Vineyards

Organic and biodynamic to boot.

Bonterra vineyards has been a leader in organic wine making for decades. Not only are they pioneers in biodynamic farming, but they have proven the quality and legitimacy of organic wines by consistently receiving high scores in tastings.


Double Rainbow

Eat with Caution

Double Rainbow has been making some of the Bay Area’s finest premium ice cream since their start in 1976. They are a beloved Bay Area business and an innovator in the ice cream industry. We were brought on to refresh their logo and design the packaging for a new line of Frozen Custard and Fruit Ice. We chose to maintain much of their brand equity, while modernizing it for this new product release. Overall, this is a nice addition to the ice cream case that will continue Double Rainbow’s reputation as an innovator and beloved ice cream maker.



The cream of the crop.

Nordstrom awards more scholarships to high school seniors than they can personally hand giant checks to, so we worked to create a video that would allow them to deliver the good news to students when a personal visit wasn’t possible.



A far less painful healthcare option.

GoHealth Urgent Care is a new and innovative approach to the traditional urgent care clinic, combining the best of health care, technology, retail and design. We were involved with GoHealth in many different areas: naming, logo, brand identity, style guide and signage. Additionally, we worked with GoHealth to develop advertising campaigns and graphical roll out.


Don Francisco Cheese Company

New look. Old recipe.

Don Francisco Cheese Company is one of the largest cheese manufacturers in California and specializes in Mexican and Central American cheeses. Brothers Ivan and Edwin Rizo pride themselves on producing the same quality cheese that their grandparents produced before them. You can find these products served at small taco stands and on the shelves of Whole Foods.


Allegro Coffee Company

Not your ordinary shrub.

Allegro Coffee offers an array of fine teas, including Yerba Mate. They source their mate from small family farmers in Argentina, farmers who learned the trade from parents and grandparents. We joined Allegro on a trip to Argentina to meet these families and see the all developments Allegro and their producers are working on to improve the quality of the the product.



Caring makes everything better.

Nordstrom's goal is to "Leave It Better Than We Found It." In 2014 they donated $1.1 million to HIV/AIDS organizations, gave away 26,000 pairs of children's shoes, raised $200,000 for Girls Inc. among many other community and environmental contributions.

We put a series of videos together to help them share these accomplishments.


Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

For many years we have been helping Whole Foods develop and communicate their company messaging. We have developed content for many platforms, on everything from videos to board presentations. It is one of those relationships that makes us really appreciate working in the natural foods community.



Yes, we made a kickstarter video.

Saucee is a line of 100% organic sauces locally crafted in the San Francisco Bay Area. We had the pleasure of helping them develop the product, creating the brand, package design and a campaign that ultimately got them the funding they needed to pursue their dream.